Food Assistance Program

The Food Assistance Program provides a basic level of nutritional well-being for eligible low-income families and individuals. 


Changes to SNAP Benefits

Why is this change happening? This change is happening because the State and Federal Public Health Emergency declaration that was in place due to COVID-19 are ending soon. With the end of this declaration, SNAP households will see a reduction in monthly benefits to the pre-pandemic amount.

Where Can I Get Help with Food? If you need help with food resources, you can call or visit:

Associated Charities- (719) 384-4451 - 517 Colorado Ave., La Junta - serving La Junta, Swink, and Cheraw - M-F, 1 pm to 3 pm

Rocky Ford Food Share Project - 

Hands of Good Ministry - (719) 510-7421 - 1004 Adams Ave., La Junta - the last Saturday of each month from 8:30 am to 11 am & 403 Iowa St., Sugar City - the Saturday following the 3rd Thursday of the month from 8:30 am to 11 am

What Can I Do to Help My Family Through This Change? We know this change may have a significant impact on many SNAP families. 

A few tips for you are:

  • If you are able to, you can roll over your EBT benefits to the next month. This may help “cushion” the impact of the reduction in benefits. 
  • You can stock up on non-perishable items now, while you have the additional benefits.
  • Click on this link for tips on stocking your pantry: English ;Spanish
  • Stretch your ingredients and plan to use them in more than one meal. This helps to save money and reduce food waste.

Click for more tips: English ; Spanish

  • Consider freezing your produce to make fruit and vegetables last longer English ; Spanish
  • Look at the Unit Prices to compare similar products at the grocery store English; Spanish

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can find more information by visiting




SNAP Benefits

SNAP Beneficios

To find out if you are eligible, please visit the Colorado PEAK website or go directly to the "Am I Eligible" screening tool HERE.

To start and application process and establish your application date for the Food Assistance Program, you must fill out the application and return it to a local food assistance office. 

There are several ways to get an application form:

  • Pick one up at the local Human Services office (Otero County Courthouse, Human services, Rm 102 13 W 3rd St, La Junta CO 81050)
  • Call the local office and ask for it to be mailed to you (719) 383-3166
  • Apply online at the Colorado PEAK website.

Fill out the application as completely as you can. Be sure that your name, address, and social security number are listed and that you have signed the application. Let us know if you need help completing the application and a worker will assist you.

When you are ready to turn in your application, you will need to make an appointment for an interview with a Food Assistance Technician. Your interviewer may be in person at the office or by phone, depending on your situation.

Once your interview is completed and all verification received, your worker will process your application.

You will receive a notice in the mail about your eligibility. 

If you are not eligible for food benefits and you feel you have been denied in error, you may request a local County Conference or a State Fair Hearing.

Most questions about your application can be answered by contacting the eligibility worker or the supervisor for an explanation.

Information regarding your rights is included in the notice mailed to you.