Low-Income Child Care Assistance

Complete applications for Low-Income Child Care Assistance are available in Room 102 of the Otero County Courthouse (13 W 3rd St, La Junta CO 81050)

Applications are also available online at http://www.coloradoofficeofearlychildhood.com/

For more information about programs or policies, please call Sandy Leikam at 719-383-3162.

A qualified (non-licensed) provider and all household members over the age of 18 must comply with state-mandated background checks. 



Income Eligibility in the Low-Income Child Care Program as of 10/01/2020

 Family Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income 185% FPG* 85% SMI**



























+ $225.51 per person

Who's Eligible?

  • Parents who are working
  • Parents who are searching for a job (within state-established time limits)
  • Teen parents (up to age 21) in a high school or GED program
  • Parents needing child care for post-secondary education or training (up to a first Bachelor's Degree or less)
  • Families receiving Colorado Works/TANF
  • Applicants must be residents of Otero County
  • If applicable, parents must continue to cooperate with Child Support Services for the children requesting care.








 *FPG is the Federal Poverty Guideline

 **SMI is the State Median Income

For Providers

Provider questions can be answered by calling 719-383-3168.

More information for providers:  http://www.coloradoofficeofearlychildhood.com/#!early-care-and-learning/csgz


Contact Child Care Licensing: http://www.coloradoofficeofearlychildhood.com/#!child-care-licensing--administration/c5cf 

The Colorado Division of Child Care makes licensing histories of child care facilities available to the public. Parents can view provider histories at:http://www.colorado.gov/apps/cdhs/childcare/lookup/index.jsf

Licensing violations must be reported to the state licensing staff.  The state licensing staff is also responsible for enforcement when consumers report a provider is operating a child care home or facility without a license.