Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

LEAP is a federally-funded program that helps eligible hard-working Colorado families, seniors, and individuals pay a portion of their winter home heating costs. While the program is not intended to pay the entire cost of home heating, we aim to help alleviate some of the burdens that come with Colorado's colder months. 


Apply to LEAP

To apply:

(Please note that applications from the state web site are not available until November 1 of each program year.)

Submit LEAP Application

To submit application:

  • In person- Room 102 of the Otero County Courthouse
  • Mail- Otero County Department of Human Services, 13 W 3rd St, Room 102, La Junta CO 81050
  • Email- ocdhs@oterogov.org
  • Fax- 719-383-3150

Heating Repair/Replacement

Other benefits provided by LEAP include repair or replacement of a home's primary heating system, such as a furnace or wood-burning stove.

  • Call 1-866-HEAT-HELP (1-866-432-8435) to  have an application mailed to you.
  • Pick up an application from any county department of social or human services.

Qualifying for LEAP

To qualify for LEAP you must:
  • Pay heating costs to an energy provider, fuel dealer, or as part of your rent.

  • Be a permanent legal resident of the United States and Colorado or have household members that are U.S. citizens.

  • Provide proof of lawful, verifiable presence in the U.S.

  • Have income that falls within the guidelines given below.  "Household" means people who live with you and for whom you are financially responsible.

Types of Valid Identification


LEAP applicants must provide a readable copy of one of the following valid identifications:

  • A Colorado driver's license or a Colorado identification card
  • A United States military ID or military dependent's card
  • A United States Merchant Mariner card
  • A Native American Tribal document
  • Any other document authorized by rules adopted by the Department of Revenue 


Guidelines for the 2020-2021 Program Year


 MAXIMUM GROSS MONTHLY INCOME (60% of State Median Income)


















 add $151