Medicaid is a state-funded medical coverage (not insurance) that may include minor children, parents of minor children, and pregnant women. Applicants must be residents of Otero County and meet income and resource eligibility guidelines established by the State of Colorado and the federal government. For example, you must have a gross monthly income below the established program income limits. There is a 45-day approval time frame for this program. 

Colorado Medicaid pays for most health care services including, but not limited to, inpatient and outpatient hospitalization, physician services, family planning, immunizations, transportation to medical services, and community mental health services. A co-payment is paid at the time of service for most benefits.

This program requires a completed application, and may require an interview by an eligibility technician. 

Note on Medicaid transportation: Otero County is no longer providing Medicaid transportation reimbursement. Members and assistors can contact IntelliRide at 1-855-489-4999 or 303-398-2155 (State Relay: 711) or visit their website for more information.