Otero County Code of Regulations

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1: 2-1-1 Service

Article 2: Code Numbering System

Chapter 2: Administration

Article 1       Regional Planning Commission

Article 2       Solicitation for Nonpublic and Nongovernmental Services

Article 3       Otero County Courthouse Modifications

Article 4       Term Limit for Elected Officials

Article 5       Term Limit for Elected Officials

Article 6       Historic Preservation Advisory Board

Article 7       Board Appointments and Office Administration

Article 8       Veterans' Office

Article 9       Otero County Public Health Agency

Article 10     Otero County Board of Health

Article 11     Board Appointments and Office Administration

Article 12     Appointment of Chairman and Chairman Pro Tem

Article 13     Board Appointments and Office Administration

Article 14     Certified Arbitrators

Article 15     Historic Preservation Advisory Board

Chapter 3: Revenue & Finance

Article 1       Sales Tax

Article 2       Overall Economic Development Plan

Article 3       Personal Property Declaration Schedules

Article 4       Refunding of Revenue Bonds

Article 5       Sales Tax Exemption

Article 6       Sales Tax Exemption

Article 7       Insufficient Check Fees

Article 8       Sales Tax Exemption

Article 9       County Investment Policy

Article 10     Authorized Depositories for Otero County

Chapter 5: Law Enforcement

Article 1       Damage to County Property

Article 2       Keg Tagging Requirements

Article 3       Sheriff's Fees for Service of Process

Article 4       Otero County Jail Booking Fee

Article 5       Open Fires and Open Burning

Chapter 6: Emergency Services

Article 1       Emergency Medical Services

Article 2       Emergency Telephone Service

Article 3       EMS Crew Requirements

Article 4       EMS Regulations, Insurance

Article 5       EMS Regulations

Article 6       Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Article 7       Emergency Operations Plan

Article 8       National Incident Management System

Chapter 7: Social Services

Article 1       Migrant Housing

Article 2       Migrant Housing

Article 3       Human Services

Chapter 9: Licenses and Permits

Article 1       Refuse Hauler Licenses

Article 2       Fireworks Permits

Article 3       Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

Article 4       Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits

Chapter 10: Health and Animals

Article 1       Dog Control

Article 2       Impoundment of Dogs

Article 3       Smoking in Courthouse

Article 4       Destructive Rodent Pests

Chapter 11: Public Places

Article 1       Holbrook Reservoir Facility

Article 2       Otero County Land Trust

Chapter 12: Vegetation

Article 1       Undesirable Weed Management Plan

Article 2       Noxious Weed Management Plan

Article 3       Noxious Weed Management Plan

Chapter 14: Public Property

Article 1       Seismic and Heavy Equipment

Article 2       Underground Utilities

Article 3       Official Advertising Devices

Article 4       Road Access and Excavations

Chapter 15: Intergovernmental Agreements

Article 1       Arkansas Valley Exposition and Fair Association

Article 2       4-H Building Construction

Article 3       Arkansas Valley Exposition and Fair Association

Article 4       City of La Junta Municipal Airport and Industrial Park

Article 5       E911 Emergency Telephone Service

Article 6       City of Aurora Utility Enterprise

Article 7       Tri-County ComCor Board

Article 8       Otero County Landfill, Inc.

Article 9       CDOT Drainage Ditch Maintenance

Article 10     Tri-County Housing, Inc.

Article 11     CDBG Contract

Article 12     City of Aurora Utility Enterprise

Article 13     "Sk8way" Park

Article 14     Tri-County ComCor Board

Article 15     Bent County Jail Services

Article 16     La Junta Street Maintenance

Article 17     State of Colorado Recreational Rights

Article 18     Otero County Housing Authority

Article 19     CDBG Contract

Article 20     Fowler Historic Preservation

Article 21     Assignment of 4-H Building Lease

Article 22     4-H Livestock Building

Article 23     Driver License Office Lease

Article 24     Otero County Landfill, Inc.

Article 25     Otero County Jail and Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo

Article 26     Otero County Landfill, Inc.

Article 27     Cheraw Historic Preservation Advisory Board

Article 28     City of Aurora Utility Enterprise

Article 29     Otero County 4-H Livestock Building

Article 30     Las Animas County Jail Services

Article 31     Crowley County Road Maintenance

Article 32     Master Software Licensing Program

Article 33     Allocation of Mineral Leasing Funds

Article 34     Colorado Local Government Liquid Asset Trust

Article 35     Emergency Management

Article 36     Highway/Railroad Grade Crossing Warning Devices Under Federal Section 130 Program

Article 37     Emergency Management Grant Funds

Article 38     Wildlife Damage Management Program

Article 39     Fowler Master Plan

Article 40     Colorado Community Services Block Grant

Article 41     Wildlife Services

Article 42     Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium

Article 43     Otero County 4-H Council

Article 44     Conservation Easement Deeds

Article 45     Department of Local Affairs

Article 46     Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium

Chapter 16: Areas and Activities of State Interest

Article 1       Adoption of Guidelines and Regulations

Article 2       Amendment of Guidelines and Regulations

Chapter 17: Land Use Code

Article 1       Otero County Zoning Resolution

Article 2       Subdivision Regulations

Article 3       Natural and Beneficial Values of Floodplains

Article 4       Land Use Code

Chapter 19: Building Regulations

Article 1       Building Code Resolution

Article 2       Fire Code Adoption and Revision Commission

Article 3       1997 Uniform Fire Code

Article 4       Adoption of 1997 Uniform Building Code

Article 5       Amendment to 1997 Uniform Building Code

Article 6       Amendments to 1997 Uniform Building Code

Article 7       1997 Uniform Fire Code

Article 8       Building Code Regulations


T-1 Resolution Disposition Table

T-25 Ordinance Disposition Table

T-51 Disposition of Intergovernmental Agreements

T-75 Miscellaneous Provisions Table

T-101 Table of Up-to-Date Pages