Otero County Jail



Booking Information

To find out if someone is being held in Otero County Jail and what their charge(s) and bond amount/type are, call 719-384-5941


Booking & Bond Fees:

The following fees are charged by the Otero County Sheriff's Office:

$30.00 booking fee

$10.00 bond fee for each individual bond

To pay the above fees and cash bonds online, go to:


For legal rights related to posting money bonds, please click here.


Visitation/Phones/Chirpers/Commissary/Care Packs:



Otero County Sheriff's Office now offers video visitation. Video Visitation is an easy and convenient way to visit with your loved one from home over the internet using your home computer or through our video kiosk located in the lobby. Video visits are available to you during normal business hours. The cost is .20 cents per minute, up to 15 minutes from your own device; there is no charge if you schedule and visit from the lobby kiosk. 

NOTE: When scheduling a video visit, it cannot be scheduled for the same day.

To ensure the best video visitation experience, please click the following link before registering or scheduling a visit. Go to www.inmatesales.com, select Otero County Jail, Colorado, and choose a remote or onsite visit.

To contact Combined Public Communications Customer Service for Friends & Family, call 1-800-340-7879​​​​.



Every cell has a phone for detainees to make calls from, you may place funds on an inmate's account for phone calls through www.inmatesales.com or through the kiosk in the lobby. 

NOTE: Otero County Sheriff's Office is not responsible for whether an inmate uses funds you deposit to chirp or call you.

Chirpers are devices that detainees are issued that allow them to have texting conversations with loved ones. Individuals are charged per text. Money can be placed on their account via www.inmatesales.com or on the kiosk located in the lobby.


Commissary is delivered every Wednesday. For a detainee to receive the current week's commissary items, the order must be placed by Sunday. You may put money on their commissary account by coming into the lobby and using the kiosk, going to www.smartdeposit.com, or by calling 1-866-394-0490

NOTE: If a detainee has an outstanding balance or debt, those funds will be used towards the debt first. 


Care Packs:

Otero County Sheriff's Office has made available the ability for individuals to purchase Care Packs that are shipped from a secure facility to detainees. To send a detainee a Care Pack, go to www.mycarepack.com.


To be directed to informational PDFs in another window, please click on the following:

Inmate Sales

Smart Deposit

My Care Pack